Group Courses

We offer GMAT Focus group courses 12 times per year. All of the courses follow the same schedule: about 50 hours of instruction distributed between Math and Verbal. 40 hours are devoted to Math, the most important part for admission to the Top MBA Programs, and 10 hours are devoted to Verbal, the least important part because the Programs demand a TOEFL Score of 109 or more to assess a student's Verbal Ability. The course will be divided in 10 sessions. The course will also reinforce the student's verbal abilities in order to receive a TOEFL Score of 109 or better.

Private Lessons

If the student´s availability is limited or not physically in Mexico City, we offer GMAT private lessons in person or via Google Meet. Each class is 1:1 with a specialized tutor. Students can choose to pay by class or we can prepare a custom class package.

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What is a Good GMAT score?

The GMAT scores range from 205 to 805. Students at top-ranked business schools typically average between 645 and 755. This indicates that those in the top 8% are in a favorable position for admissions. If you're not familiar with these statistical concepts, don't worry; our course includes a primer on statistics to help you out.

However, it's important to remember that your GMAT score is just one component of the admissions process. Business schools also weigh factors like your essays, personal branding, professional experience, and performance in interviews, among others.

Our goal is to guide you towards achieving your MBA aspirations, even if your GMAT score isn't exactly what you hoped for. Success hinges on your ability to distinguish yourself from other applicants and your flexibility in selecting the right business school that aligns with your goals and profile. While we don't promise miracles—we can't turn a 405 score into an Ivy League admission, for instance—we do offer expert guidance and strategies that can open doors to top-ranked business schools in most situations.