GRE Group Courses

We offer GRE group courses 4 times per year. All of the courses follow the same schedule: about 40 hours of instruction distributed evenly between Math and Verbal. The course will be divided in 8 sessions. The course will also reinforce the student's verbal abilities in order to receive a TOEFL Score of 109 or better.

We highly encourage our students to start their journey with our courses. After working with us it is recommended to study around 120 hours (2 months) more before doing the test.

Private Lessons

If the student´s availability is limited or they don´t live in Mexico City, we offer GRE private lessons in person or via Google Meet. Each class is 1:1 with a specialized tutor. Students can choose to pay by class or we can prepare a custom class package.

What is a good GRE exam score?

Understanding the GRE score dynamics can be even more nuanced than the GMAT. It largely depends on the specific program you're aiming for. To get a ballpark idea, it's wise to look at the average scores of the previous class in your target school or program. GRE scores range from 260 to 340. Students at top-tier business schools typically have scores between 330 and 340. This implies that those in the top 2%—or those two standard deviations above the average—stand a better chance of gaining admission. If the concept of standard deviation is new to you, don’t worry; we cover these statistical principles in our course.

However, remember that the GRE score is just one element of your application. Admissions committees also consider other factors such as your essays, personal branding, work experience, and interview performance, among others. For certain programs, your score in the math section might be less critical, provided you score over 110 in the Verbal section.

Our goal is to assist you in achieving your postgraduate degree aspirations, even if your GRE score isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Success hinges on how well you can distinguish yourself from other applicants and your flexibility in selecting the right program that aligns with your goals and profile. While we can’t perform miracles—turning a 260 score into an Ivy League admission is unrealistic—we do provide expert guidance and strategies that could open doors to top-ranked programs in most situations.