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El Brujo Method has a proven track record helping students get accepted to leading universities, business schools and specialized programs.

What is El Brujo Method?

El Brujo Method

El Brujo Method is a unique teaching system expressly crafted for GRE and GMAT exam preparation. It incorporates specialized shortcuts and a proprietary methodology that results in reduced training time and significantly lower costs compared to competitors.

It's creator, Stephen Brent Wolf was born May 15, 1951 in Fort Scott, Kansas. After College he decided to teach Math at his high school in order to save money and pay for Medical School. Steve was one of the top doctors in New Orleans during the 1990s until he decided to move with his parents to Mexico City. To help take better care of them, he created a business preparing students for the GRE and GMAT exams.

Steve developed a teaching method for GMAT and GRE through the years. This method has helped over 8,000 students receive Masters or Doctorate degrees. Even though Steve was based in Mexico City, he helped students from all over the world. People throughout Mexico used their holidays to come to Mexico City and to study with him. Since late 2020 we started working closely with “El Brujo” in order to learn his method and eventually continue teaching the same way he did once he retired in late 2024. Regrettably, he passed away in summer 2023, prior to his planned retirement.

In Memoriam

We are sad to inform former students and friends the passing of Steve Wolf "El Brujo". He passed away June 15, 2023 at his home in Mexico City. His email adresses and will no longer be in use. Going forward, please contact us at for any inquiries regarding courses and any missing classes you had with Steve.

We will continue to honor his legacy by helping students in Mexico and throughout the world achieve their educational goals by using El Brujo Method for years to come.