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GMAT vs. GMAT Focus

Since February 2024 GMAT Focus is the only version available of the test. Here are the key differences between both versions:

  • Essays will no longer be part of the GMAT Focus.
  • Integrated reasoning section will disappear. IR questions will be included in a new section named Data Insights. Data Sufficiency questions will also be included on Data Insights.
  • Geometry and Data Sufficiency will disappear from the Quantitative section.
  • The number of questions has diminished from a total of 79 to 64. Math changed from 31 to 21, Verbal from 36 to 23 and 20 new questions encompass Data Insights while the 12 question section, Integrated Reasoning, is gone.
  • The new GMAT Focus is shorter 2 hours and 15 minutes against 3 hours and 7 minutes of the previous version.
  • Sentence Correction is gone from the verbal section.
  • You can skip questions and come back to them later.
  • You can change the answer of a couple of questions at the end of the test.

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